I just love the outdoors and cannot get enough, my best friends are my cameras, lenses and binoculars.   I spent my youth in the Southern African bush where I learnt bushcraft, much of it still useful today as I look for animals and some of the rarer birds... bird spotting is another of my hobbies.  Right across Europe I have been privileged to travel and take photos of events, people, architecture, landscapes and nature for my personal pleasure.  I live in London and I love its vibrancy and its open spaces which attract people and wildlife, even a few rarer birds that are seldom seen in a city. Over the last few months I have been helping a dog rehoming Charity by creating some portraits of the animals.  In between all of this activity I have worked for a textile company as a manager, our warehouse overlooks the river Roding where I constantly manage to take interesting photographs of birds.   


When does Photography become Art?  That has been a question I have asked myself many times.  As a young man I loved looking at photos, and it always fascinated me to see a fleeting moment in time captured in an image.  Old family photos where grandparents posed for the camera caught in that moment and I in another time can peep into their world interpreting what I see in my own context. Looking at images of beautiful far away places and imagining the perfection that I see. Having had the privilege of parents who appreciate and dabble in art I have managed to keep my own interest alive but wanting to find a way to link between new digital techniques and the images painted using traditional media. I use Corel Painter and Photoshop and love the effects that I can create with my photos using filters and software to manipulate what I see.   


The more photos I take the luckier I become.  When I first took photos I needed to spend a lot of my time looking for photo opportunities.  Anything I found that was interesting to me became my subject.  I am a lot more precise now and although I have a diverse interest in subjects I can generally sense what will or will not work for me.  When it comes to group photos, I major on the candid opportunities, it allows me to get a little of the personality of my subject without the camera pose interfering. Every photo has its own story to tell, I interpret and then decide how I wish to present it.  Sometimes the best photo is the pure photo, very few adjustments, other times the image can be enhanced to provide a more colorful rendition of the captured scene.  Using software, I can create images that can be offered as they are or they can be embellished using traditional mediums.


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